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Quick Search

To carry out a quick search simply type your search term into the search box in the top right hand corner and hit the search button. This will carry out a search for your term in the title and description fields of each record.

Advanced Search

You can also use the advanced search function to carry out a more detailed search using different and specific fields. These are:

  • Ref No: Where you know a particular reference or finding number for the collection or document you are interested in, this is the search box to use.

  • Title: All catalogue records for collections or records have a title, and typing a search term in this box allows a search of all or part of the text in the title field only.

  • Description: This is used in the catalogue record to expand on details in the Title field, so many contain more names of places and people, and also synopsis or part transcriptions of the record in question.

  • Alt Ref No: Where appropriate this field holds the old catalogue document numbers which are recorded on each Bateson letter. They may be recorded as a range, so this is not a reliable retrieval tool.

  • Person name: Searches the personal name index for correspondents or subjects mentioned in the catalogue.

  • Date: Specific years or a range of years, e.g. 1920-1925 can be entered.

Search Results

The search results are presented as a hitlist. If they extend to more than one page click on Next and Previous to navigate through the pages. Click on a record to see its full details.

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